Fic: I Can't Keep Up, and I Can't Back Down, Chlark, PG-13

I Can't Keep Up, and I Can't Back Down
by Tracy lunarknightz
Rating: PG-13.
Pairing: Chlark with a slight mention of Lexana.
Spoilers: "Reckoning" and speculations for a possible season 6.
Disclaimer: Fanfic is like playing Barbies with fandom characters. Except with words instead of plastic dolls. And while I do own Barbie dolls, I don’t own the stuff I write fan fiction about. At all.
Summary: Clark's in love with Chloe, when it seems that she's moved on...

Author's Note: Written for tab_a_slot_b prompt: As Lana becomes more and more "evil", Clark realizes he's been a moron all along. He tries to make out with Chloe and she rejects him because he's an IDIOT. This spurs the traditional Lois and Clark vibe with Clark fixated on getting Chloe to sex him up.

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tw sterek stiles is in charge

Prompt 006 - Chloe/Clark

Complicated, with Wires and Stuff, by candidlily
PG, Chloe/Clark

Prompt 006: I'm guessing Clark can't get drunk, but screw that. Partially drunk Chloe trying to get fully-drunk Clark up to his loft so his parents don't find out. Bonus if Pete's there trying to help. A kiss would be nice, but no sex necessary.

Clark was a funny drunk, though. Pete was, at least, acting somewhat normal. Clark, however, was talking a mile a minute and laughing over his own words and flailing.
[smallville] chloe and lex

[fic] new bonhomie [smallville] [chloe and lex]

I know that this is a bit early, and that one million people are going off to con.txt, but I'm pretty sure we're allowed to post early, so:

New Bonhomie, by Pen
Smallville, Chloe and Lex, rated PG.

Prompt 018: Lex is a criminal mastermind and Chloe is his head of security. Lex isn't obsessed with Clark and Superman, it's the other way around, and Chloe knows it. Clark is a total asshole to her because he thinks she "betrayed" him. PORN.

She waits until they're out in the open; until cameras of a different sort are trained upon them, but none are close enough to hear her words.
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choose your prompts!

Okay folks, so here we go. This is step 2, where you choose which prompt(s) you'd like to write and tell me about it. this is the actual signing up, the part where you're promising that you will be writing a fic. I'll be emailing those who submitted prompts so that they know for sure that the prompts are up for grabs now.

- Anyone may pick a prompt, including those who did not suggest any. We have fifty-eight prompts here, surely we can share, eh?

- I do ask that you don't sign up for more than two prompts initially. If within a week or so there are a large number of prompts still available, you will of course be able to pick up more.

- If you know that you want more than two prompts, please leave me your email address and I will email you to tell you that you can pick up another prompt if you'd like.

- I would like only one person to be working on each individual prompt, so if it's already taken don't choose it. As I get to them, I'll cross them off the list, but you might want to check the comments. If you miss it and I catch it though, I'll let you know. If for some reason all of the prompts are taken and you still want to write one, let me know and we'll start double-assigning them.

- I'm not going to close the ability to pick prompts. As far as I'm concerned, if you want to pick up an available prompt on the day it's due, you can.

- Speaking of, the due date is Thursday, June 22nd.

- While replying to let me know what prompt you'd like, please do so in this format: lj name, Prompt #, the actual prompt. Yes, I do want all of it. Just copy the prompt, including the prompt number, and paste it into the reply box. It makes it easier for me to copy and paste into my hardcopy on my desktop if you give me your lj name in the comment. Cause I'm just lazy like that.

and on to the many, many, many prompts...Collapse )

- So then, one final step! Click on the post comment button and let me know what you want!

- Whenever your story is done, you may either post it to this journal, or post a link to wherever you have posted it from this journal. i really don't care where you post it. On livejournal, off livejornal, on your personal journal, on a website, on a community, I don't care. Just be sure to drop by here and post a link so everyone knows you wrote it, kay?

- Once fics start being posted/linked to, I will organize all submissions into the memories sorted by pairing.

** Since there was confusion last time, and no one wanted to be the first to post, I've made my selections. Now. This could kind of be seen as unfair, cause I had first go. So, if you want one of the prompts I chose, I'll give it up to you. Mainly I'm just showing you how to do it, though yeah, those are the prompts I want.

ETA: Updated currently with the prompts already taken crossed off, 5/19 1:00 pm.
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A little clarification...

Alright ya'll, I'm sorry, I fear I suck at explaining things. Here's how it's going. I shouldn't have called the previous post a "sign up." It's more of a "give me prompts." I think I too easily assumed that everyone remembered how highwaymiles was run. Here's the basic step-by-step that this challenge will go through.

Step 1 - Submit your prompts here. Anyone is allowed to make suggested prompts, even those not writing. That's something I definitely didn't clarify. By giving me your prompts, you're really just adding to the variety of fic that could possibly be produced, you're not commiting yourself to writing one. I ask for your emails in that post so that I can email you on the progress, ie, when I finish step 2 I can shoot you an email saying "the prompts are compiled here, and are up for grabs."

Step 2 - Oh May 17th, which is the deadline I set for the prompt giving, I will compile all of the prompts into one post, most likely ordered by pairing (Chlark, Clois, Chlex, etc) and make a list out of it. I'll explain it further in that post, but THAT is when you commit yourself to writing a fic. You'll go there, read the prompts, and claim one for your own. I'll likely say "you may choose up to two", and if not all of them get claimed close to the sign up deadline, I'll open it up for more signups. You can still sign up for a story even if you DIDN'T give a prompt. That's why I hope there are lots of prompts, and why I wanted everyone to give at least 3.

Step 3 - Write your stories, and then post them either here or wherever you like so long as you link to them here.

Okay. Any questions now?
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What is this?

[i've edited this post to better explain the process]

So a while back, me and ethrosdemon decided that Smallville really needed a Het Ficathon. Because 1) there's not enough het out there, not nearly. 2) There's an interest out there, I know there is, because my stories get good feedback. 3) Despite the interest, the majority of the fic is still Clark/Lex. And finally, 4) we really, really, really love Chloe, and she needs to be featured more often.

So here's how it's gonna go. You guys are gonna play with me. You know you want to. You know you want het! You guys are gonna give me lots of prompts. This is the prompt post, which will later be compiled into a post from which you guys will choose which prompts you want to write. Anyone is allowed to give a prompt, including those that don't write. You are not signing yourself up to write by giving me a prompt. You are just making more possibilities for fics.

Please submit your prompts in the following fashion:
LJ Name: or other, if you're not on lj, we can work that out
Email Addy: please just write it down, put spaces or whatever, so I can have them in one place
Up to 3 Prompts: prompts can be pairing, words, lyrics, whatever you want, as explicit or vague as you want
If you need further clarification, read this post. If there's any confusion, I filled out my own sign up entry here.

here's some more details on how this is gonna workCollapse )

You can sign up with your prompt wishes until May 17th, next Wednesday. You will have until June 17th to write your stories. Come on ya'll, sign up. It's right in time for summer! Loads of free time, right?!

Questions? Comments? Ask away!

Also, if you wanted to pimp this in your journal and help me out with getting the word spread? That'd be fantastic!